Block Seminars: The path to a research paper

A new block seminar to teach students how to bring about a proper (empirical) research paper has been offered!

Session 1: August 3rd - 9th (9:45-15:45)

Place: Kepler 17 (K2) - M 17.12

Session 2: September 18th - 22nd (9:45-15:45)

Place: Kepler 17 (K2) - M 17.12


Anyone who is interested in improving their writing skills is welcome to participate, especially students who have a research topic in mind and are having a hard time understanding the best way to present it in writing. We are targeting students who are from:
BA Linguistik BA Germanistik / Lehramt Deutsch
BA Anglistik / Lehramt Englisch BA Romanistik
MA Sprachtheorie und Sprachvergleich MA Digital Humanities
MA English and American Studies/English Linguistics
students of philosophy who are interested in interacting with linguistic curriculums.